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Saadiyat Island Only


Not just another pizza place

One bite of Antonia pizza and you’ll know that our dough is something truly special...

Fermented for 72 hours, our pizza dough is made with 80% water, rustic Italian flour, olive oil, salt and a proprietary 50 yrs old sour dough.

When baked, the result is a thick, bubbly but light and crispy crust with an incredible taste and easy to digest. We guarantee that each slice contains part of a sour dough that has been aged for almost 50 years.

A part of an outstanding pizza, ANTONIA offers a selection of genuine pasta generously portioned, organic salads, desserts and Supplì. 

All accompanied by a fine but yet affordable selection of Italian Wine, Draft Beer and Aperitivo.



What is it?

Antonia is about eating Italian pizza in the Italian way.

Our style of pizza is “Al Taglio” which literally means " by the slice".

Antonia pizzas are baked in rectangular trays, loaded with toppings, displayed over the counter and sold by the slice. This approach allows the customer to select which and how many pizza slices to eat in their preferred quantity and topping combinations, making it easier to customize for both price and variety.​


Thanks to this intuitive and simple concept, customers can give free rein to their hunger and craving for pizza.​

In addition, pizza by the slice traditionally begins as street food, which is eaten while walking or standing. So even the ways to eat it are many and they adapt to all our needs: directly in the pizzeria or takeaway.

But always and unconditionally with your hands!


Antonia never forgets the taste of genuine pasta

In a world full of innovation is easy to forget about tradition and origins. 


At Antonia we have a mission to serve only authentic and classic Italian pasta that too often get forgotten or misinterpreted.

We don't use any cream or butter to enrich our sauces but only  and exclusively extra virgin olive oil.

Our philosophy is to make genuine and simple pasta by following only the original recipes; all our pasta must be cooked " Al Dente"  and served in abundant portions. That's it.




Why Antonia sour dough?

There’s a story behind each delicious square-shaped slice of goodness, here’s ours…

Grandma Antonia’s Sourdough was originally made in 1972.
Refreshed on a weekly basis, this sourdough has since then been passed through from generation to generation.

Like a fine wine, the sour dough gets better with age because its complexity increases trough the years and so does its taste.

All our pizzas contain a part of it and it is without doubt the secret ingredient that makes Antonia pizza dough so incredibly tasty and highly to digestible. 


Meet Chef-Owner Simone Federici

  • @mr.simonfede

Having set foot for the first time in a professional kitchen at age 13, chef Simone realized his passion and continued the culinary path with the tutelage of Antonia, his grandmother.

Four years later, he was awarded and recognized as one of the top three best young chefs of Italy.

During his studies in culinary management, Simone gained his first experience with some of the best restaurants in Italy before graduating and venturing towards the Caribbean, Miami and now presently, Abu Dhabi.

Within four years in the Middle East, he successfully developed and managed the iconic Mare Mare Restaurant of Saadiyat Island.


With a passion to create something unique, Chef Simone decided to pursue his own concept combining his acquired professional skills together with the cooking philosophies and of course original recipes taught by  his grandmother. And that's how Antonia Restaurant was born.

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Welcome to the family