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Antonia Restaurant Abu Dhabi
Antonia Restaurant Abu Dhabi
Antonia Restaurant Abu Dhabi
Antonia Abu Dhabi
Antonia Restaurant Abu Dhabi
Antonia Restaurant Abu Dhabi
Antonia Restaurant Abu Dhabi



Not just another pizza place

One bite of Antonia pizza and you’ll know that our dough is something truly special...

Fermented for 72 hours, our pizza dough is made with 80% water, rustic Italian flour, olive oil, salt and a proprietary 50 yrs old sour dough.

When baked, the result is a thick, bubbly but light and crispy crust with an incredible taste and easy to digest. We guarantee that each slice contains part of a sour dough that has been aged for almost 50 years.

A part of an outstanding pizza, ANTONIA offers a selection of genuine pasta generously portioned, organic salads, desserts and Supplì. 

All accompanied by a fine but yet affordable selection of Italian Wine, Draft Beer and Aperitivo.

Aperitivo Abu Dhabi
Italian food abu dhabi


What is it?

At Antonia, we believe in enjoying Italian pizza the Italian way. Our unique pizza style, known as "Al Taglio," means "by the slice" in Italian. We bake our pizzas in rectangular trays, loaded with toppings, and display them over the counter to be sold by the slice.


This approach allows customers to choose which slices and toppings they prefer and customize their order based on their preferred quantity and variety, making it both convenient and affordable.

This intuitive and straightforward concept lets customers satisfy their cravings and hunger for pizza. Pizza by the slice has its roots in street food, typically eaten while walking or standing. Therefore, there are many ways to enjoy it, whether in the pizzeria or as a takeaway.

But regardless of how you choose to enjoy it, one thing is essential - always eat it with your hands!


Antonia never forgets the taste of genuine pasta

In a world where innovation often overshadows tradition and origin, Antonia is on a mission to serve authentic and classic Italian pasta that is too often forgotten or misinterpreted.


We don't rely on cream or butter to enhance our sauces, but instead, exclusively use extra virgin olive oil.

Our philosophy is simple: we aim to make genuine and straightforward pasta by following only the original recipes. All our pasta is cooked "Al Dente," and we serve it in generous portions. That's it.

Pizza Al Taglio Abu Dhabi


Why Antonia sour dough?

Each delicious square-shaped slice of Antonia pizza holds a unique story. It all began in 1972 when Grandma Antonia created her signature sourdough. Refreshed weekly, this sourdough has been passed down through generations, becoming a family heirloom.

Similar to a fine wine, the sourdough has only gotten better with age, growing in complexity and flavor over the years. Every pizza we make at Antonia contains a part of this sourdough, making it a crucial ingredient that contributes to our pizza's incredible taste and easy digestibility.


It's no secret that our sourdough is what sets our pizza dough apart and makes it so unforgettable.



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Simone comes from the region of Abbruzzo, Italy

At 13, Chef Simone found his passion in his grandmother Antonia's kitchen. Recognized as one of Italy's top young chefs at 17, he studied and worked in Italy, explored the Caribbean and Miami, and now calls Abu Dhabi home. In just two years, he has successfully built and transformed Antonia Group of Restaurants into a leading brand, expanding throughout the Middle East.

The Antonia Group presently consists of two locations, Antonia in Mamsha al Saadiyat and Antonia Trattoria in Al Zeina. The Group is expected to open their third location this year in Galleria Mall.

Simone Federici


Welcome to the family

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